The Link Boy - Audio Story

The Link Boy by Michael Martineck

Our post-government future has no laws, but plenty of right and wrong.

Listen to an excerpt from The Link Boy by Michael Martineck

An assassin, a priest and a schoolteacher walk into a secret nuclear power plant – to Edwin McCallum, detective by trade and artist by desire – there’s something wrong with this picture. He’s going to figure out what it is if it kills him. The Link Boy is the second novel set in the Free World, a post-government future, where there are no laws. Just bottom lines.

Father Demiana DeFalco sat in the Bishop’s chambers, twisted in her chair so she could get her arm up on the back and rest her head on her shoulder. She re-crossed her legs. She turned to try a different angle, then huffed and turned back, propping her head on her fist. She’d been waiting for forty minutes, silently praying for strength.

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The Link BoyThe Link Boy is written by Michael Martineck
Published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Copyright by Michael Martineck
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: The cast of Sage & Savant




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